Full Service Catering, Events, Decor & Bar Company

Full Service Catering, Events, Decor & Bar Company

The Georgio's Team - Building a new brand with proven talent.  

Our catering history...

Marnie Hayes; During her 14 years as Co Owner & Sales Director at "the South Sounds Premier Caterer", she developed the business into a major respected player in the Puget Sound Catering Community and built a multi-million dollar company.  After leaving, Marnie purchased a bar in Buckley, but soon realize she missed her passion for food and events.  In 2014 she created an Italian restaurant concept that is now Georgio's Catering.

Randy Spears, a longtime Tacoma resident started his career in the San Francisco Bay area in the Corporate arena, also catering for large scale events.  After returning home to Washington, he spent the last 20 years as the Executive Chef at "the South Sounds Premier Caterer".   His culinary creations are some of the best in the region and the thoughtfulness and care that he puts into his offerings and service are unsurpassed.  He is an avid fan of Championship BBQ and you can see it in his recipes.  Randy is also a long time Seattle Seahawks season ticket holder and that goes without further explanation!

Angie Mingus; signed on to "the South Sounds Premier Caterer" in 1998 as an Event Coordinator and after proving herself, she became the Catering Director. Under Marnie's tutelage, she assisted in building the brand.  After leaving the fold in 2006, she then went on to serve as a catering director in several industries and capacities including corporate food service, hospitality, and non-profits.  Her diverse background and skill set serves her well in planning and executing successful, beautiful events and building lasting relationships.

 We want our clients to know that after working together previously for many years, we have seen it all.  Every event has it's own special challenges and you are choosing a team that has the experience and know how to make your special event memorable.  We have trust in one another's talents and we each have strength's that we each bring to the table to continue to build a new, successful company!

Our Catering future

We are beyond excited to share our experience, explore your desires and create a magical day for you and your guests.  We can help you to create a memorable and fun night that your guests will rave about! 

Take a delicious journey with us!

The NEW Georgio's Catering team, making the old, new again...

Perfecting Parties Since 1996